Duplo DC446 Creasing Made Easy

Creasing Machines

Card Creasing technology has come a long way in recent years and the market can be a confusing one. We have taken a different approach & hand picked what we believe are best for every budget.

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Duplo DC746 Advanced Cutter Creaser

Cutter Creasers

Cutter Creaser is a term used to describe a multi-functional finishing device that can be utilised to create a vast array of finished products, all at the touch of a button & with minimal intervention

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Veloblade Digital Die Cutting Machine

Digital Die Cutting Machines

This latest generation of die cutting machinery offers incredible flexibility to enable production of bespoke packaging, custom shape cards, labels, luggage tags, point of sale media plus lots more.

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Eurofold CF375 Crease & Fold

Crease & Fold

The latest digital media has become tougher & thicker, as a result the old ways of folding paper no longer work, Crease Fold machines were invented to enable folding of heavier stocks up to 400gsm.

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Gemini CC21 Pro Business Card Cutter

Business Card Cutters

Unlike Cutter Creasers that offer an array of finishing outputs via a programmable interface, Business Card Cutters use fixed cassettes to create bespoke finishes at very high speeds.

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2nd User Morgana Digifold 2008

2nd User Creasing Machinery

A range of 2nd User Creasing Machinery, all models have been fully refurbished & tested by our engineers. Our stock is constantly changing, please check regularly.

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Slitter Cutter Creasers from After Print Ltd

Why buy separate cutting and creasing machines when you can do both, and much more with one: a Slitter Cutter Creaser or go a step further and invest in one of our latest Digital Cutting Tables.

Slitters Cutters Creasers achieve four finishing processes in just one single pass, you can use our systems for cutting, slitting, creasing and even perforating documents such as business cards, menus, brochures and greeting cards. Whilst our Digital Cutting Tables offer on-demand die cutting, creasing and kiss cutting enabling flexible and innovative production of packaging, unique cards, stickers, labels and much more.

Save money, save time, expand your business’ capabilities, and benefit from the intelligent, quick set up of our automated cutter creasers and digital cutting tables. All our Slitter Cutter Creaser models and Digital Cutting Tables are an outstanding all in one, multi-finishing paper slitter, paper cutter, plus paper creaser solution perfect for the dynamic market and digital print industry. Slit, cut, kiss cut and crease in accuracy, flexibility and creatively whilst reducing finishing bottlenecks, this solution is the answer to all your needs.

What do you want to produce? Our Cutter Creaser Range will efficiently, accurately and automatically create a wide variety of business cards, flyers, perforated vouchers, invitations, bespoke packaging, stickers, labels and much more.

When considering the correct model for your needs, the brief descriptions below will give you an overview:

Card Creasing

Card Creasing is a must for any digital printer to avoid unsightly toner cracking when the printed materials are folded. Card Creasing machines are available in a variety of formats from low cost manually operated solutions for make ready and the craft markets to fully automated solutions aimed at the higher volume user. Our most popular model is the Duplo DC446 automated Creaser thanks to its ease of use, incredible flexibility and its renowned build quality.

Cutter Creasers

We are specialists in the Duplo DC Range of Slitter Cutter Creasers and have sold the entire range of Duplo’s famous solutions from their inception in the early noughties. Slitters Cutters Creasers achieve four finishing processes in just one single pass, you can use our systems for cutting, slitting, creasing and even perforating documents such as business cards, menus, brochures and greeting cards. The latest addition to the range is the all new fully automated DC-618 Slitter, Cutter, Creaser, Duplo’s compact, yet powerful all in one finishing solution designed for today’s digital printer.

Digital Cutting Tables

A digital shape cutting table is the perfect cost-effective solution for a wide variety of finishing requirements, such as adhesive sheets, specially shaped greeting and business cards, invitations, labels, small packaging, tags and much more. Increase your productivity and profitability by having an in-house multi-function digital cutting machine designed for short-run on demand production. Unleash your flexibility with our digital cutting tables by having shape cutting capability that is dynamic and adaptable to the demands of modern print finishing. You can now have an unmatched product offering, cut, kiss cut and crease a variety of paper and card stocks increasing your innovative scope and opportunity to add value to your customer.

Crease and Fold

Crease and Fold solutions automate the process of creasing and folding to minimise touch points in the production process. Most printed cards that require creasing are ultimately folded so automating both the creasing and folding speeds up production and gives a consistency of the quality of the finished product. We specialise in the Touchline family of machines with the Touchline CF375 being the best selling crease and fold solution with its impressive production speed of up to 5,000 creased and folded cards per hour.

Business Card Cutters

Unlike Slitter, Cutter, Creasers which offer a variety of finished products at the touch of a button, Business card cutters offer high speed production of fixed sized cards such as business cards, post cards & tags. The advantage of dedicated business card cutters is speed, as these solutions use a fixed slitter cassette, they require zero configuration and can be operated at very high speeds with incredible accuracy.

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