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Here at AfterPrint, we offer two different ranges of punching machines. These are split into the categories professional and semi-professional. If you’re looking for a more entry level machine, that’s perfect for those looking to give it regular, but not intense usage, a semi-professional product may be perfect. However, for the commercial printer and dedicated bindaries, our professional range may be more adept at handling the intensity required of them.

Our heavy duty paper punching machines are capable of speeding up production and offer you the ability to split the workload of punching the documents and applying the binding spine. Our punching machines also hold the appeal of offering multiple punching patterns, making them a versatile addition for any corporate print rooms, high street copy shops, printers or binderies.

Renz DTP340A Semi Auto Punching Machine

Semi-Professional Range

The Semi-Professional models are designed for more dedicated use in a Print Environment. These machines are ideal for constant use where higher volumes of wire binding is required.

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Renz AP360 Commercial Auto Punch

Professional Range

The Professional models are exactly that, Professional. This range of machinery is aimed at the commercial printer or dedicated binderies looking to improve productivity & efficiency of service.

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