Grafcut X14 Twin Head Stapling Machine

Booklet Stapling Machines

This range of booklet stapling solutions offer a low cost route into professional looking booklet production. All models offer flat and saddle stapling making them ideal for a host of applications

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Mamo Booklet Makers

Mamo are an Italian manufacturer of high quality print finishing machinery offering a small but unique range of booklet making solutions. Ideal for on-demand booklet production in low to medium volume

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Duplo DBM150 Digital Booklet System

Duplo 150 Booklet Makers

The Duplo 150 booklet making systems have all the features of the big booklet makers, packaged into the compact footprint of the world’s smallest fully automatic booklet maker and trimmer.

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Duplo 350C Booklet System

Duplo 350 Booklet Makers

Easy to use, quick to set up, economical to run, and scalable with your business as it grows: these words all describe the Duplo 350 booklet maker. The fully automated system with touch...

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Duplo 600 Digital Pro Booklet System

Duplo 600i Booklet Makers

Expect high productivity, simple operation and set up, and new application capabilities such as A4 landscape, from the Duplo 600 booklet maker. Fully automatic, with high intelligence and with...

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Duplo iSaddle X System

Duplo iSaddle X Booklet Makers

Unlike with the old-generation saddle stitchers, so many of today’s automated saddle stitchers produce booklets that don’t remain flat. With the Duplo iSaddle you get the best of both worlds!

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Booklet Makers from After Print Ltd

Booklet makers are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes, to suit a range of requirements and budgets. Knowing which is right for you may not always be an easy decision, but here at AfterPrint our excellent range will have the right product for you.

We currently specialise in the Duplo International range of Booklet Makers and categorise our range into three main categories; entry level solutions with the Duplo 150 Booklet Makers, mid level solutions for the higher volume digital printer with the Duplo 350 Booklet Makers and finally the Duplo 600i Booklet Makers with their ability to also produce landscape A4. Alongside this we have the more advanced selection of Duplo iSaddle X booklet makers with their plough folding & saddle stitching technology.

For the lower volume on-demand customers we also offer the Grafcut X14 range of Saddle and Flat Staplers. The X14 is available as a single, double or quad staple head model with the ability to saddle stitch a booklet up to 100 sheets. It is the perfect solution for customers looking to product small numbers of high quality booklets on-demand.

Duplo 150

This is the smallest offering of the booklet makers we have. These machines are known to be the most compact fully automated booklet maker. This makes them ideal for smaller offices and in-house print stations, places with a lower volume, although they can be scaled up and down to suit the needs of the business.

Duplo 350

This collection also has the ability to be scaled up and down with the requirements of your business. The 350 collection boasts a fully automated system with touch screen controls, which allows new jobs, and those stored in the memory to be set up in seconds, while the high yield per spool of its Deluxe stitching heads reduces the cost per booklet.

Duplo 600

This range is designed to handle a high demand and increases the productivity, whilst remaining simple to set up. This larger option also boasts new capabilities such as A4 landscape. As it is fully automatic and controlled by PC it makes it a highly intelligent piece of machinery. Making it a great addition to any company or University looking to product high quality booklets in larger volumes on-demand.

Isaddle X Booklet Makers

Aside from our three main Duplo collections we also have the more advanced and higher end booklet makers in the iSaddle X collection. This high-end machine is just as flexible as the other collections where modules can be added or removed as per the needs of the business. It also boasts increased versatility over format sizes and integrated barcode readers for complete data integrity.

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