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Lami Corp Leon 13DX A3 Pouch Laminator

Pouch Laminators

A range of Pouch Laminators to suit all budgets and requirements whether in use at home or in a busy print room we have the solution

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Linea Dh360 Roll Laminator

Roll Laminators

Roll Laminators offer faster production speeds than Pouch Laminators as well as more flexibility as the length of the sheet is not restricted. Ideal for posters, maps, signage & banners.

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Laminating Machines for Digital Print

Digital Print Laminating

Our range of Digital Laminating Machines are specifically designed to work with Digital Print and all offer either single or double side lamination using an OPP film.

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Easymount 1600SH Wide Format Laminator

Wide Format Laminators

Our range of Wide Format Laminators are designed to perform and built to last. Their advanced features allow you to laminate, mount and encapsulate.

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Lami Corp Revo T14 Auto Laminator

Lami Corporation Laminating

Lami Corporation offer the most technologically advanced auto laminating solutions in the world as well as a high quality range of traditional Roll Laminators and Wide Format Laminators.

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GMP Digital Laminating Solutions

GMP Laminating

GMP manufacture a wide range of semi and fully automated digital laminating solutions aimed at the commercial and digital print markets. Technologically advanced feeding technology for true automation

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Linea Dh360 Roll Laminator

Vivid Laminating

Vivid manufacture a wide range of laminating solutions from pouch laminating to wide format signage solutions aimed at the commercial and digital print markets.

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Laminating Machines from After Print

The world of laminating machines can be a minefield. AfterPrint aim to only offer the best quality products on the market, to ensure our customers’ needs are met every time. We offer laminating machines from two main suppliers Lami Corporation and GMP Digital, each has an extensive range to suit your individual needs.

Lami Corporation Laminating Machines

Lami Corporation are a Japanese manufacturer of auto laminating solutions. At the forefront of the technology they are targeting the corporate and education markets. With a range of different machines in their selection they will have something that suits your requirement.

GMP Digital Laminating Machines

GMP Digital Laminating Machines are at the forefront of POD (Print on Demand) technologies. Working together with the likes of xerox, Ricoh and Kodak to offer the best laminating machines for the industry. By continually improving their technology we estimate that they will be releasing new products as demand moves forward.

Auto Laminating Machines

Automatic laminating machines are just like they say on the tin, automatic. These machines have been designed so that they can be loaded, a programme selected, and then left to run through. This reduces the time spent manning the laminator and is ideal for larger corporations and schools. As Lami are at the forefront, our top choice for auto laminating is the Lami Corp Revo Office Auto Laminator which also includes intelligent cutting.

Wide Format Machines

Wide format laminating machines are usually seen in a commercial setting, as they are designed to deal with the larger print. With machines available up to 1.6m they are great for outdoor graphics and exhibition stands. Dependant on your need there may be a specific machine that suits you, we can offer you support in finding the best option.

Pouch Laminators

These are the simplest type of laminator to use, especially if the demand is low. It is as simple as inserting your document into a pouch, ensuring it is straight, and feeding it through the laminator. The mixture of pressure and heat ensure a clear, long-lasting protection that makes your document look great.

What is one sided lamination?

One sided lamination is where only one side of a document has been protected leaving the other side available for further processes. Commonly this method is used for photographs, book covers and posters. Previously one-sided lamination has been done using an alternative protection, like kraft paper, to cover rollers. However, we have a collection of machines that can do this for you.

Here at AfterPrint we are more than happy to help with any of your queries and if you need a little help in the right direction. Please contact us for more information.