Case Making Machines

Case Making Machines

With our range of Grafmasz case making machines, you can produce high quality cases and covers in any format and thickness, ideal for a wide range  of uses cases and requirements. There are no adjustments and no production stops between works, whatever the size, from miniature to over sized covers.

Our range of case making machines have a wide variety of options. For example, our Pro GC-480 model is semi-automatic, with the ability to create Ring Binders, Menu’s, Clip Boards, Slip Covers and CD/DVD Covers and a full diagnostic system. Meanwhile, the compact GC-480 model offers all these options in a smaller,  more manageable size bracket that allows you to make use of the model in more compact environments — for example in an already busy office space

The Grafmasz range opens your options considerably. For more information about how our range of case making machines can do this, contact AfterPrint Ltd today.

Case Making Machines

The Grafmasz family of case making machines give you ultimate control over the size, thickness and materials you want to use to make any hard cover imaginable!

The new GM series of case making machinery includes versatile multi-purpose units. These machines make it easy to create custom hard covers, ring binders, diploma holders, restaurant menus, clip boards as well as slip cases for luxury books and cases for CD's or DVD's plus much more that you probably have not even thought of yet.

These machines open up your options when it comes to custom branding considerably. For example, a university could use one of these machines to create their own  diploma holders. Or a chain restaurant could use them to create custom menus. A politician  doing door to door polling could use it to create custom clip boards.

Our range of case making machines can be useful in a wide variety of industries, everyone from charitable organisation to music artists. For more information, get in touch with AfterPrint today.