Crease Fold

Crease Fold

Our range of crease fold machines allows you to break through bottlenecks and make your printing infrastructure as efficient as possible.

Our range of offers numerous options depending  on your use case. For example,  the Swiss made CF375 offers double sheet protection and 2 folds and 20 max creases as standards. Taking things to the next level, the Eurofold Touchline TCF 375 Crease, Fold and Bi-Directional Perforation offers everything the CF375 does and more — with two cross tool positions, allowing multiple processes to be completed at once and for the whole process to be done digitally.

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Crease Fold

Unlike traditional buckle plate folding devices which rely on fixed stopper to create a buckle in the sheet, our range of crease fold machines utilises a crease tool and the latest knife folding technology to fold media up to 400gsm.

The advantages of these systems becomes clear when you have larger volumes of card and digitally printed media that require folding. Traditional machinery simply cannot handle the latest digital media or stocks over 250gsm, as a result folding by hand becomes the only viable option.

These machines remove this bottleneck and streamlines your production, increasing the efficiency of your production -- thus allowing you to do more than otherwise.

Our range allows you to increase the productivity of your business and increase your printing potential.