Card Creasing Machines

Card Creasing Machines

Our range of Card Creasing Machines use a creasing rule and matrix to form and stretch the material, avoiding damage and the cracking effect that comes with traditional creasing.

Our machines come in a range of sizes and finishes. For example, our base model DC-516 multi finisher model can handle between 110 and 400 gsm  of paper and has a feeding capacity of 360 mm with a speed of 100ppm. Meanwhile, the DC-516’s high speed creaser model offers these, as well as a host of  other options — allowing you to increase efficiency and diversify your printing output.

Many of our models offer similar diversification in terms of options. For example, our Magnum MC-35 model offers two models — the normal model and the pro model with an increased output capacity and an automatic feed.

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Card Creasing Machines

Digital Prints when folded can crack along the spine which creates a very unattractive finish. Traditional scoring machines create a ploughing effect across the media which actually cuts through the top layer of fibres causing weakness and therefore enhancing the cracking effect. Our range of Card Creasing Machines, however, use a crease rule and matrix to form and stretch the media to avoid damage or tearing of the fibres, thus removing the weakness and therefore the cracking effect.

Our range of Card Creasing machines are suitable for a wide variety of industries and setting, from industrial book binding operations attached to large printing houses to small, in-office printing infrastructures which support a single business.