Cutter Creasers

Cutter Creasers

All our Cutter Creasers have been manufactured by the Duplo Corporation, a Japanese-based engineering company known for their passion for printed communication.

We have chosen to carry Duplo products because of their quality and their durability. The Cutter Creaser range has been curated for the highest quality and adaptability. Our DC-746 model, for example, is Duplo’s most powerful multi-function finishing solution for high volume  digital print colour environments. Meanwhile, our DC-516 model offers high speed cutting at an affordable price.

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Cutter Creasers

Duplo Cutter Creasers have a wide range of uses cases -- including a business card cutter, a guillotine, a paper creaser, a perforator, and a rotary die cutter. The wide range of possible uses makes the Duplo Cutter Creaser the ideal piece of equipment to add to your printing infrastructure, whether you're bringing your printing infrastructure  in house or looking to expand your existing printing infrastructure. 

Depending on your use case, however, certain Cutter Creasers may be better suited to your needs. The Duplo DC-746 Cutter Creaser, for example, is the ideal machine for all industrial jobs. It can carry 8 length-wise slits, and it has unlimited job memory -- allowing you to store and replicate every job you do. In contrast, the DC-516 High Speed Creaser is compact and quick -- making it the ideal addition to existing office infrastructure.

Our entire range has been curated for quality and to match the  needs and high standards of our customers.