Digital Die Cutting Machines

Digital Die Cutting Machines

Our range of Digital Die Cutting Machines are ideal for both independent printing companies wishing to expand their existing printing infrastructure or for companies wishing to take their printing needs in house.

At Afterprint Ltd, the quality of our paper cutting machines and of our customer service is our first priority. Because of that, we have curated this range of high quality, professional grade industrial die cutting machines to match our customers’ needs and high standards.

Our range is ideal for a wide variety of use cases and job types. For example, our Graphtec F-Mark features a precision camera for two-point registration marks for accurate aligning of the contour and printed images and an auto sheet feeder, allowing you to automate the process. Meanwhile, the Grafcut LC-280 offers a fully offers a full automatic die cutting experience, which can  produce up to an incredible 12,000 die cut products per minute.

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Digital Die Cutting Machines

Digital Die Cutting Machines have become increasingly popular over other paper cutting machines due to their flexibility and control in a market that is often looking for the next big thing to catch the customer's eye. Unlike other industrial die cutting machines, our digital die cutting machines give you the utmost level of control and a level of automation when it comes to your cutting. This allows you to cut more intricate designs at an industrial level.

Our range of digital die cutting machines offer a wide range of applications including: dedicated signage, in store displays, banners, bespoke packaging, labels, point of sale media, personalised commercial print work with special finishing applications, and as paper cutting machines. The list is truly endless.

Die cutting started as a process of cutting leather for the shoe industry in the mid-19th Century using simple industrial die cutter machines. Today, that process is now utilised by a wide range of industries with the latest industry to follow the trend being the on-demand digital print finishing market --  a market we refer to as AfterPrint Ltd.