Duplo iSaddle X Booklet Makers

Duplo iSaddle X Booklet Makers

An evolution of the original Duplo iSaddle, the current line of up of Duplo iSaddle Booklet Makers has been designed to be the most versatile, agile and intelligent saddle stitcher on the market, improving on the original Duplo iSaddle design in every way. The iSaddle X features increased versatility across format sizes with integrated barcode for complete data integrity, as well as increased agility with their ability to handle both digitally printed and offset stock. 

Duplo iSaddle X Booklet Makers

Our range of Duplo iSaddle booklet makers comes in two primary varieties: Duplo iSaddle X Booklet System Fully Integrated Saddle Stitcher and Duplo iSaddle X Pro Digital System Saddle Stitching with Sheet Fed.

Both of these varieties represent the very best book makers currently on the market. The iSaddle X range is a modular design, able to be expanded or shrunk dependent upon your wishes and requirements. They can create highly unique and personalized products with an incredible amount of design flexibility.

Like all our Duplo iSaddle Booklet Makers. The iSaddle X is engineered to deliver publications similar to the old generation saddle stitching machines. However, the new iSaddle X offers the automation of the more modern, digital booklet makers -- allowing you to upscale your product. Furthermore, the iSaddle X’s modular technology means it can be customised to your requirements, whether those are the requirements of today or the requirements of tomorrow.

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All of our booklet maker products come with a fully-comprehensive 3 year policy. This means that you can use them, safe in the mind knowing that you are protected whatever happens, For more information about our products, get in touch with us today. Our dedicated and experienced team will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.