Ideal Paper Trimmers

Ideal Paper Trimmers

Designed in Germany by experienced engineers, the Ideal range of paper trimmers has been designed and manufactured in order to maximise the range’s durability and precision. They use only the highest quality materials in their products, with their manufacturing process ensuring consistently high quality.

As with the rest of our products, our range of Ideal Paper Trimmers has been curated in order to suit a wide variety of use cases and needs, coming in a number of sizes. For example, our flagship model (the 7260) is small enough to fit on a desk or table, comfortably within an existing printing infrastructure. Meanwhile, the 4300 model is larger: and requires its own space. Whatever they are, we are confident that something in our range will suit your needs.

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Ideal Paper Trimmers

Ideal Paper Trimmers are commonly found in architect's offices, print shops, and craft shops. This is because industry leaders and artist's know that  the Ideal range is  one designed for precision and to be durable after thousands and thousands of jobs. Because when you're looking for the ideal machine for your business or project, there really is only one brand you should be looking towards.

Ideal's range of paper trimmers has been designed to be as adaptable and pragmatic as possible, able to handle a wide variety of jobs, depending on your needs.

For example, while the Ideal 1038 model can only cut material up to 4mm thick, its self-sharpening blade takes the hassle out of your hands. Meanwhile, the Ideal 1135 is capable of cutting up to 30 sheets of up to 70gsm. and its small size makes it the ideal model for smaller printing and cutting operations.