Planax Thermal Binding

Planax Thermal Binding

Planax Thermal Binding Products at AfterPrint LTD

Thermal Binding is a popular method for binding books together. Pages are bound to the front cover and the spine using adhesive, which is heated up and then allowed to cool once the pages have been set.

This method owes its popularity to its ease. Thermal Binding is the easiest and most cost-effective method of binding currently available. Unlike wire binding or plastic comb binding, thermal binding is extremely quick — able to complete multiple projects within a minute. Even a beginner can quickly create a professional-looking product using a high-quality Thermal Binding Machine.

Planax Thermal Binding

AfterPrint LTD is the United Kingdom’s premier supplier of Print Finishing Innovations. We are proud to carry multiple thermal binding machines produced by Planax -- known for the high quality and durability of their products.

The Fastback 20 Thermal Binding Machine is able to use 6 different types of binding styles, making it the ideal machine for any company with a wide variety of projects. It’s much faster than most other types, too. Documents can be opened back on themselves for easy reading, without fear of breaking the binding. The Fastback 20 is a very reliable machine -- with very little maintenance or upkeep required to keep it working for years and years..

The Planax Copybinder, meanwhile, can bind from 5 to 530 sheets and can bind a document every 15 seconds -- meaning it can bind up to 200 books every hour. The Planax Copybinder creates the most secure bind on the market, and like the rest of the Planax range requires virtually zero maintenance or upkeep.

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