Q-Topic 380 Digital Single Sided OPP Laminator

GMP Q-Topic 380 Digital OPP Laminator

  • Pneumatically Operated Semi-Automated Digital OPP Laminating Machine
  • High Pressure Pneumatic Impact Rollers & Pull Rollers Allow for Faster Production
  • Auto Burst Function for Single Person Operation
  • Auto Sheet Overlap Controls Via Patented Gate Function
  • Illuminated Indicators to Advise Operator When to Load
  • Cost Effective Solution for Low to Medium Volumes of Work
  • Houses Film Rolls up to 1,000 Metre Lengths
  • Pneumatically Controlled Pressure for Press and Exit Rollers
  • Up to 20 Guillotine Ready Laminated Sheets per minute
  • Integrated Perforation Solution (Applied After Lamination for Better Burst Action)
  • Low Noise Operation (Silent Pancake Compressor Included)
  • User Friendly
  • 20 Job Memories
  • Ideal for Digital Printers Looking to Bring Laminating In House
  • Ability to apply Holographic Images and Foil
  • Ability to Spot Laminate in Gloss and Matt
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